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Silentia Privacy Screens, mobile and wall mounted

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Silentia Mobile Screen. Hygenic easy clean.

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Silentia Privacy Screens are manufactured in Sweden. They provide the future in Privacy & Hygiene Solutions.

Available in Mobile & Wall mounted solutions.

Two heights over several lengths.

Provide privacy whilst allowing a clear view.


t's more than a picture, images engage the mind.
Silentia's PhotoPanels help create not only privacy, but also peace of mind and a comfortable feel. Studies show, that images and colors can have a positive influence on people by lowering their blood pressure, stimulating positive thoughts and relieving stress, pain and anxiety. This knowledge is ideal to explore in elder care, hospitals and other healthcare settings.


A picture is worth a thousand words and could even have a healing impact. Silentia's StoryPanels offer a new way to give children a playful and positive atmosphere in the healthcare sector by creating a positive distraction.

A child in a hospital is far from home and among unfamiliar faces. But then a nurse starts talking about the colorful picture with planets and funny figures. The child starts using its fantasy and imagination. Changing focus to something new and positive.

Art has a stress-reducing effect by allowing patients to think about something other than their condition. StoryPanels takes Silentia's folding screens to a new level by its combination of creating both privacy and a more positive atmosphere. A powerful tool for the healthcare sector to comfort children.


Our product range consists of a patented system of easily handled screens designed for hospitals and other care situations. A Silentia screen preserves patient privacy without preventing staff from having a good overview and without keeping the daylight out. Our products are easy to handle and to clean, making them therefore also optimal whenever high hygiene standards are required. Read more under Easy Concept. The Silentia Screen System is the leading alternative for optimal hygiene and patient privacy.

With the purpose of being able to meet every possible care situation, our products are available in a wide range of heights, lengths, combinations and colors, as well as in various flexible designs. For example, depending on the circumstances, you can choose between fixed and folded screens, wall mounted or mobile.

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