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Physical Activity Monitor

Kenz Lifecorder Plus
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Physical Activity Monitors

Not all steps are equall
  Lifecorder® technology uses a solid state medical-grade sensor and digital filtering to deliver extremely accurate results. Unlike an inexpensive pendulum sensor pedometer, the Lifecorder filters out motion and vibration and only counts real steps. It also measures the INTENSITY of physical activity and accurately records how much time is spent at moderate or greater intensity level activities.

Kenz developed their first activity monitor using the original sensor in 1985 and since that time more than 200 research and validation studies have been published globally, verifying their value and accuracy. Selected Lifecorder® models can even download data to a PC for detailed analysis using the Physical Activity Analysis Software (PAAS)
*PAAS Personal can be downloaded from Suzuken's home page by free of charge.

The Lifecorder® can be used as a sustainable motivation tool to help people pursue lifestyle changes and is ideal for use by health
professionals, including:

Exercise Physiologists
Personal Trainers
Weight Management Educators Dietitians
Diabetes Educators
Physical Therapists

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